About us

Station Arcadia is a podcast by Metal Steve Productions, a group of young podcast lovers with a variety of backgrounds, interests, and skill-sets.

Station Arcadia started as one of those off-hand ideas that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously - “hey, this would make a cool podcast!”. It very quickly spiraled out of control into the project it is today.

Our goal was to create a podcast that not only has a great premise, but that expands on the world it creates and tells varied and interesting stories. We wanted to challenge stereotypes, explore complex societal issues, and create interesting and multifaceted characters - all while making a show that’s genuinely fun to listen to.

Did we succeed?

Well, you’ll have to listen and judge for yourself.

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Awards and Recognitions

Winner of Four Audio Verse Awards

Instrumental Composition in a New Production

The World of Arcadia by Theo Goodwin for Station Arcadia

Action Sound Design in a New Production

The Team behind Station Arcadia

Vocal Direction of a New Production

Tovah Brantner for Station Arcadia

New Audio Play Production

Station Arcadia

Best “Made me Feel better during Quarantine” Podcast for the 1st Annual Twipods

Articles and Appearances

Sandemonium - North Idaho's Fandom Convention

Through the Pipeline - How a Podcast gets made

“Join the crew of Metal Steve Productions, creators of the brand new podcast Station Arcadia as they explain what it takes to make an amazing podcast from scheduling to script writing to editing and sending your podcast out into the world.”

Une case par jour

Cas 18: Station Arcadia

“Imaginez un monde à la croisée du steampunk et du cyberpunk, une île à la dérive, une radio douée de conscience…”

Potato Lady Podcast Reviews

106. Station Arcadia

“This is a unique take on short stories and audio drama… These stories are fiction from various genres, some heartfelt and tragic, others dystopian, steampunk, or tales of vengeance… I appreciated the variety and the otherworldly tone.”

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The (Un)official Podcast Fashion Lookbook

“Station Arcadia: Forget a Triple Threat, You’re a Quadruple Threat”

Knöves Storytelling

Podcast Review - Station Arcadia

“We are thrown into the action from the get-go, and it can take a while to get your bearings, but the podcast makes wonderful use of sound to enhance storytelling, with an impressive range of music and effects – it’s definitely making the best use of the podcasting medium to build its world, so shout-out to the audio team!”